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The COPLA Campaign

We call COPLA a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court against Transnational Organized Crime. We propose its creation through the encouragement of the diverse civil society organizations in the region and the support of Latin American governments interested in facing the problem of organized crime from a regional and international cooperation perspective.Latin America has become the most violent region of the world. Criminal organizations associated with drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, and other transnational crimes have reached a regional dimension and escaped the control from national institutions. This Court could be effective in prosecuting criminal leaders, confiscating their assets and dismantling their organizations. To create it, we need the participation of all civil society organizations, political actors and citizens who suffer the consequences of organized crime, and see it as one of the main problems for the development of the region.

For more information, visit the COPLA Campaign’s website by click here.


The UNPA Campaign

The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) is a growing global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating for citizen representation in the United Nations.
UNPA would give, for the first time, both representatives and states, a direct and influential role in global politics. The assembly would not replace any existing UN body, but rather, it would serve to integrate parliamentarians more efficiently into globalization.

The direct representation of citizens can contribute to the development of a better understanding of the world as a global community. At the highest level in the United Nations, a UNPA could mean a global conscience, a watchdog, and a catalyst for further reform. Over time, UNPA would evolve from a consultative body to a world parliament with a genuine right to information, participation and control.

For more information, visit UNPA Campaign website by click here.


Model United Nations

Parliamentary Assembly

The Model United Nations Parliamentary Assembly was born in Democracia Global with the aim of raising awareness about current problems at the global level and their interactions with the local and regional environments, and emphasizing the importance of international bodies to resolve these global issues.

We highlight the need to create an organism made up of representatives democratically elected by the citizens of each State, to provide global solutions to global issues, such as the preservation of the environment, terrorism and the unequal distribution of resources, and we want citizens to become aware of the concept of global citizenship. 

The aim is to simulate the functioning that this Assembly would have, accomplishing that members (as members of a Parliamentary Assembly) represent citizens of the world working together to propose viable and effective solutions to problems that know no borders and therefore, demand global solutions.


For more information about this Model click here.

Seminario Antimafia

Antimafia Seminar

Organized crime, understood as a set of criminal associations that pursue economic ends through crimes such as labor and sexual trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, exploitation and slavery of people,constitutes a real scourge for Latin American and Caribbean countries, which suffer from serious situations of violence, poverty and human rights violations caused by these illegal activities.

The crimes carried out by these criminal organizations are, in part, favored by the collusion of sectors of the State, whether political, judicial or police, which generate a scenario of mafiosity and state corruption that favors the cover-up, growth and impunity of criminal organizations. 

The Italo-Argentinian Antimafia Seminare is an instance for reflection, exchange and implementation of new cooperation mechanism between Italy and Argentina in order to address the challenges implied by the presence of organized crime in both countries. 


For more information, visit the Seminar’s website click here.

Simposio Altiero Spinelli

Altiero Spinelli Simposio

It is highly important for our organization to provide an annual space for dialogue and, exchange of perspectives on issues that we consider should have an increasingly prominent role on the political agendas of our countries. 

This is how the Altiero Spinelli Symposium arises, which Democracia Global and the Catedra Altiero Spinelli have been successfully conducting since 2009. Every year, prominent personalities from Latin America and Europe participate in this event, which focuses on diverse topics that are relevant to our region.

To learn more about the Altiero Spinelli Symposium, click here.

Manifiesto por una DG

Campaign for Democratic Global Governance

The coronavirus pandemic has created a global health and economic crisis that requires global solutions. But the national-international structure is unable to offer an adequate response.

For this reason, Democracia Global promoted a document demanding that political leaders and international institutions reinforce the UN, the World Health Organization and the existing weak international structure, applying the principles of federalism and democracy worldwide.

For more information visit the Campaign website, by click here.

Manifesto for a Global Democracy

We live in an era of profound technological and economic transformations to which a similar evolution of the public institutions of regulation and control has not corresponded. Everything has become global, except politics and democracy.

With their many differences and peculiarities, and their limitations, the protests that are spreading throughout many countries and regions of the planet today show growing discomfort with the decision-making system and with its limited capacity to protect common goods, a gradual erosion of the existing forms of political representation and a demand for more and better democracy.


For more information visit the Manifest website by clicking here.

Gobernanza Global Democrática


Transnational Working Group

The Transnational Working Group is an initiative created to seek durable and global solutions to global problems such as climate change, migration and minorities, and the regulation of artificial intelligence, among others. The innovation of this initiative is based on coordinating meetings with members from different parts of the world in a virtual way, and with the objective of formulating long-term policies with a global approach. 

Currently, there is one active Transnational Working Group that focuses on the Regulation of Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies. Which carried out the following report.

For more information, you can check the World Federalist Movement's website, by click here.

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