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Our Team.

Our organization's volunteers contribute their time, skills and passion to carry out our activities and programs. Their participation is a valuable resource that allows us to expand the reach of the organization. 
Their diversity in knowledge enriches each task they perform, providing a motivating force that inspires the work teams.
By feeling an active part of the change, volunteers reinforce the sense of belonging and commitment to the organization's mission. Their dedication, altruism and personal contribution make it possible to transform realities, providing a ray of hope to those who need it most and building a more caring and just world for all.

Rodrigo Hazzaf

"It has been a transformative journey. Working on projects that promote unity between communities has reaffirmed my commitment to a more united and caring world."

Camila Lopez Badra

"At this NGO, we believe in the power of dialogue and solidarity to overcome borders. I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a team that works tirelessly to make this vision a reality."

Emilia Ismael

"I feel grateful to have been part of this NGO. Regional integration is essential for growth and peace, and being involved in this movement has been an honor."

Ramiro Martinez

"As a volunteer, I have witnessed how small actions can generate a significant impact on regional integration. I am excited to continue contributing to this cause."


"Participating as a volunteer has been an uplifting experience. Being able to collaborate in initiatives that promote solidarity between regions has filled me with optimism for the future."

Melina Fernández

"I feel that my actions serve a real purpose in promoting regional unity. I am grateful to be part of this joint effort for a more connected world."


You can be part of the change and join Global Democracy.
To join our team of volunteers send us an e-mail to | with your Curriculum Vitae and a motivational letter.

You can also do it by filling out the following form and we will contact you:

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