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Actions 2009

  • Conference at the Book Fair, with the participation of Gabriel Tokatlián, academic at the University of San Andres; Osvaldo Guariglia, Dr. of Philosophy; and Fernando Iglesias in his capacity as Executive Secretary of Democracia Global.

  • Presentation of Democracia Global´s activities at the Congress of the SAAP (Argentine Society of Political Analysis with the participation of Lucio Levi, member of the European Federalist Movement.

  • 26th International Symposium on Federalism in Ventotene, Italy. Active participation of Democracia Global's members.

  • Altiero Spinelli Symposium (First Edition) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, organized by Democracia Global. Academics, NGOs and national and  international parliamentarians, among others, were part of this event at the end of the year.

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