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Actions 2013

  • Meetings of the vice-president of Global Democracy, Professor Fernando Iglesias, in Brussels and Paris, with MEPs, leaders and representatives of the European Federalist Movement, such as Cecilia Wikström (Swedish MEP); Gustavo Martín Prada (Former representative of the European Commission in Argentina); Andrew Duff (British MEP and President of the UEF, Union of European Federalists), Cristian Wenning (Secretary General of the UEF), Jo Leinen (German MEP and President of the European Movement) and DR. Boutros Boutros-Ghali (former UN Secretary) among others.

  • CPresentation of the UNPA Campaign in Barcelona, Spain. Participation of the vice-president of Global Democracy, Fernando Iglesias, in the press conference held in Barcelona, where he shared the table with Joan Marc Simon (coordinator of the UNPA campaign in Spain), Carme Valls (General Secretary of WDGpa) and Salvador Milà (Member of the Catalan Parliament and WDGpa).

  • 3° Conference to launch the Manifesto for a GLOBAL DEMOCRACY at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián, Spain. With the participation of professors Daniel Innerarity (Globernance), Fernando Iglesias (Democracia Global - Argentina), Gurutz Jauregi (University of San Sebastián) and Emilio Lamo de Espinosa (Elcano Institute).

  • 4° Conference to launch the Manifesto for a Global Democracy, 39th Book Fair, May, Buenos Aires. With the participation of Oscar-winning filmmaker Juan José Campanella, global studies expert Jorge Castro, profesor Fernando Iglesias (Democracia Global - Argentina), writer Juan José Sebreli, and PhD. Fernando Villela (UBA) and Teivo Teivainen (University of Helsinki). There was local media coverage and the room was greatly overstretched due to the high attendance and interest of the public.

  • Meeting of the Council of the World Federalist Movement at the University of Hofstra, Long Island, USA. "On-going campaigns for global democracy". Panel composed of Joan-Marc Simon, Fernando Iglesias and Andreas Bummel.

  • Conference "A Manifesto for Global Democracy: A New Step or Just a Mirage?" Participation of Fernando Iglesias in a master lecture held at the Commonwealth Club of California. San Francisco, USA.

  • Conference "Nuove iniziative per l'unione regionale", Centro Italiano di Formazione Europea, Rome.

  • Conference: "Regional and Global Integration in Populist Times". Inter-American Open University, August, Buenos Aires. The vice president of Global Democracy spoke about the isolationist problems caused by populist governments in our country and in the region. About the future and possibilities of regional and global integration of Argentina and on the lost opportunities and opportunities for not losing the country. There was great participation of students interested in these topics.

  • 30th International Seminar "Federalism in Europe and the World", September, Ventotene - (Italy). Participation of Gretel Ledo on behalf of young Argentines and the Vice President of Global Democracy, Professor Fernando Iglesias, in the panels "Peace in a globalized world" and "The European Union and regional unification processes".

  • Conference "Manifesto for a Global Democracy: 30 Years of Democracy in Argentina under the Lens of Regional Integration and Globalization", October. In the framework of the Agora de la Paz, (work of Marta Minujín) organized by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernando Iglesias and Alejandro Katz gave a conference open to the public in Plaza Alemania..

  • Conference "Why do we need a World Parliament?" October, Bs As. In the framework of the week of the global action for a World Parliament Fernando Pedrosa, Florencia Gor and Fernando Iglesias, members of Global Democracy gave a conference at the University of Salvador for students of the Master’s degree in International Relations..

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