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Actions 2010

  • Conference at the Book Fair, with the participation of Julio Cesar Strassera, Prosecutor in the trial of the military junta during Argentina's dictatorship; Osvaldo Guariglia, Dr. of Philosophy; Carla del Ponte, prosecutor at the International Court for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda; and Fernando Iglesias in his capacity as Executive Secretary of Democracia Global.

  • Development of the Democracia Global Volunteership Program. Call and training of a team of 15 volunteers from the United States, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina. 

  • 27th International Symposium on Federalism in Ventotene, Italy. Active participation of  Democracia Global's members.

  • Design, Development and Execution of “Ten days of global democracy in Argentina”, between September, 30th and October, 9th. The activity had great press coverage, the participation of over 150 attendees from all over the world, and was declared of interest by the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Argentine Nation.

  • Co-organization of the Annual Meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Federalist Movement in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was the first that was organized outside the United States and Europe.

  • UNPA Campaign. Mr. Andreas Bummel, visiting Buenos Aires, received from Fernando Iglesias the petitions obtained by Democracia Global as part of his work for the campaign

  • Development and creation of the Global Democracy Uruguay (Montevideo) and Global Democracy Spain (Barcelona) chapters.

  • Altiero Spinelli Symposium (Second Edition) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Co-organized together with the Altiero Spinelli Chair. This edition had the participation of the European parliamentarians Jurgen Klute and Gianluca Susta, the Uruguayan Deputy, Pablo Iturralde, and other academics and members of civil society organizations.

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