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We are an independent and pluralistic organization whose objective is to foster global democracy by promoting the existence of democratic institutions at a regional, continental and global level either by the reform of the existing ones or by the creation of new organizations. 

Globalization is not an empty concept. The process of global interconnectedness and geographic expansion is real, concrete and has enormous consequences in everyone’s lives, whether we are aware of it or not. However, globalization is not a synchronous or homogeneous phenomenon.

Indeed, scientific-technological production and financial activities have been the major drivers of a process that has spread unevenly all over the world and has affected diverse social systems very differently.


Unfortunately, politics have failed to keep up with the enormous changes triggered by techno-economic advances and have paid for it in terms of efficiency and prestige. To put it in George Monbiot's words: everything has been globalized, except democracy. This fundamental inequality has caused an imbalance of power between a globalized techno-economy and a nationally-centered political system that operates through national and international territorial institutions. Here is the first reason to globalize democracy. Here is the second one: climate change, genocides and crimes against humanity, international terrorism, human trafficking, wars and invasions, plagues and epidemics, and financial debacles no longer respect national borders.

The problems of the present-day world such as the economic, ecological, demographic crisis, the loss of control -by the national states- over technology and the monopoly of violence on a large scale, cannot be solved only with national representation bodies. Global problems and crises require global solutions.

What sphere of political representation is acting today in defense of the common goods of humanity and in defense of the common interests of all human beings? Where do the inhabitants of the planet become citizens of the world and through their representatives discuss and decide on global crises that no longer accept a national response? How to achieve sound and democratic global solutions if the international order is characterized by its elitism, its non-transparency, its lack of responsibility and its inefficiency?


For all these reasons, Democracia Global is born, in addition to all of those who have understood that in a global world the margins of action of national democracies will be increasingly restricted if a more just and democratic world political order is not founded; a world political order based on the principles and practices of a true global democracy.

We promote a peaceful and participatory process that involves all the inhabitants of the planet, becoming true citizens of the world.



Strengthen democratization of international institutions, whose structure was defined in a postwar world, and whose limitations favor the most powerful state, subject them to their will and plunge them into impotence and discredit.

Our Mission
Chocar los cinco


Create a South American Union endowed with continental political and economic institutions, from a common market to a single currency, from a Federal Constitution to a Parliament and a Court of Justice. This union will realize the dreams of unity of the liberators of their nations and the aspirations of its inhabitants to peace, development, democracy and social progress.


Create global democratic institutions, starting with a World Parliament elected directly by citizens, capable of legislating in favor of the common interests of humanity, of protecting and generating global public goods, of promoting the universal validity of human rights and of institutionalize a global citizenship complementary to the national ones and based on a deep feeling of belonging to the universal community.

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