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Actions 2015

  • Meeting with the Ambassador of Spain in Argentina, Estanislao de Grandes Pascual and the Counsellor Ministry,  Pedro José Sanz Serrano.

  • Meeting with the Consul of the Embassy of Mexico in Argentina, René Molina y Maribel Arreola Ceballos, Second Secretary.

  • Meeting with Dalila Polack, Secretary of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights, and her collaborators.

  • Meeting with Mr. Diego Vázquez, representative of the NGO Equilibrium Global.

  • Meeting with Alfonso Diez Torrez, Ambassador of the European Union and former director-general of Integration and Coordination of General and Economic Matters of the European Union.

  • The Italian Interuniversity Consortium for Argentina (CUIA) held its seventh edition of the CUIA Conference in Argentina from April 9 to 24. Prestigious delegations of Italian and Argentine academics and researchers from the Universities associated with CUIA participated. The objective was mainly to promote and strengthen the inter-university network between Italy and Argentina, highlighting the academic and scientific collaborations in the framework of the CUIA co-financing programs by articulating the activities in thematic sessions that refer to the Schools of Senior Studies of the Consortium.

  • Participation in the conference “EUROPE DAY and DEBATE DAY", organized by the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE).

  • Professor Iglesias participated in the panel discussion of the day, entitled "The crisis in the institutions. The role of the citizen and the functioning of federalism in the EU", sharing the table with Mrs. Sena Latif, Head of Diplomatic Mission of the Romanian Embassy in Argentina; Dr. Alberto Hutshcenreuter, Director of Equilibrium Global and Dr. Lasia Else Elisabeth Bloß, Political Counselor of the German Embassy in Argentina.

  • The coordinator of the campaign, Fernando Iglesias, traveled to Mexico to complement his previous trip in November 2014, to participate in the institutional creation of a network of civil society organizations from all over Latin America whose objective is the fight against the mafia.


  • Professor Iglesias also participated in the other activities of the Fundación de la Red Alas congress and proposed a change in the wording of the network's statute to include a specific article in support of initiatives similar to that of the Latin American Criminal Court and the Caribbean Against Transnational Organized Crime (COPLA): "Generate collective actions in the region with the purpose of denouncing and monitoring acts that protect Transnational Organized Crime (TOD), building mechanisms for the formation of technical and operational capacities in society." The director also held a brief meeting with doctors Edgardo Buscaglia and journalist Carmen Aristegui, widely recognized for their anti-mafia work in Mexican society; during which he was given the folders with the description of the court and the project; They were also invited to join and collaborate.

  • Participation of the National Congress for the Prevention of Organized Crime - Retoño Network - MEXICO.

  • Conference “Towards a Regional Criminal Court” - ARETÉ Citizen Training Institute. Fernando Iglesias, representing Democracia Global, gave a conference organized by the ARETÉ Citizen Training Institute; Friends of Good Politics and the NGO Juan B. Justo in order to inform about the objective of the COPLA campaign and invite those present to join, as well as the organizations present.
    Video: Click here

  • Participation in the WOMAN FORUM lunch organized by the Redes Solidarias foundation.

  • Participation in the Labor Insertion Workshop in the field of International Relations organized by the Argentine Council of International Relations (CARI) and by the Buenos Aires Legislature.

  • Meeting with Dr. Daniel Sabsay, professor of Constitutional Law at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires and one of the most prestigious Argentine constitutionalists.

  • Meeting with Dr. Mario Ganora, criminal lawyer and former president of the Alameda Foundation.

  • Meeting with the Councilor for European Foreign Matters of the President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Italy.

  • Meeting organized by LIBERA in BUENOS AIRES
    The meeting was carried out with the idea of ​​following the path started in the meeting in Mexico, specifically with the objective that all the representatives of Argentine organizations connect to establish fluid mechanisms of conversation.

  • Constitutive meeting of the group of Young Argentine Jurists by COPLA. The constitutive meeting of the Group of Young Argentine Jurists by COPLA was held.

  • Meeting with Ambassador Alejandro Navas Ramos of Colombia in Argentina.  

  • Meeting with the GOPAC representative in Argentina
    The meeting was held at the Global Democracy offices between Fernando Iglesias and Mrs. Paula Bertol, Argentine representative of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) and former national deputy for the PRO party.

  • Meeting with the Ambassador of Brazil in Argentina
    Ambassador Everton Vieira Vargas insisted on the importance of this initiative as an innovative method in the field of Latin American regional integration.

  • The Argentine Senate approved the declaration of interest to the project in favor of the creation of COPLA
    Senator Gabriela Michetti presented in September 2014 the draft declaration of support for the creation of COPLA in the Senate of the Argentine Republic.

  • 30th International Seminar "Federalism in Europe and in the World" - Ventotene - ITALY.

  • Conference “Nuove iniziative per l’unione regionale” at CIFE - ITALY.

  • VII Spinelli Symposium, “Regional integration. Latin America and the Caribbean ”.

  •  Participation in the VI World Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption - INDONESIA.

  • Global week of action for the establishment of a parliamentary assembly at the United Nations.

  • Participation of the President of Global Democracy in the meeting of the Council of the World Federalist Movement.

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